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OCC Sunday Sermon

The Good Samaritan– Luke 10 v 25-37

The parable has so many challenging aspects but the verse we believe best describes our own personal motivation and action as a charity is verse 33 – ‘he came where the man was’. The Samaritan, a stranger, as he was going about his own business, stopped when he saw the man, was moved with compassion, went out of his way to help and met the man’s needs. Jesus asks us to be like this and the parable shows us how to become good Samaritans.

1. The Question of Eternal Life

The lawyer’s question to Jesus about how to find eternal life results in a wonderful response that outlines the full Gospel message of loving the Lord first and our neighbour as we love ourselves.

Jesus wants us to know Him, put Him first in our lives, to let Him guide us and give us His power and love. We can then reach out to others and really help to meet their needs. It is faith in action.

2. Our Neighbour

Jesus clearly defined who truly acted as a neighbour. The one who responded to the man needing help is contrasted with all those who failed to do so.

Those who should have helped the man were more concerned with religious obligations than showing mercy to someone in need.

Many in today’s materialistic society are so busy in their own lives that they make no time to think of others

3. The Good Samaritan in action

Jesus said the Samaritan, a foreigner and outcast, someone outside the established religion of the day, gave immediate, practical help:

  • He cleaned him up
  • He used his own transport to take him to the inn
  • He stayed with him and took care of him
  • He paid the innkeeper to look after him
  • He offered to pay all the necessary bills on his return

Through the project Operation Christmas Child (and the support of many other projects throughout Eastern Europe), we can go to countries to meet the needs of children – showing Christ’s love by giving a gift and providing resources. It is an exciting, practical opportunity for Christian service.

The charity continues in effect to be the ‘Samaritan’s Purse’.
We, like the Samaritan in this story, seek to recognise the needs of people across the world, showing mercy by meeting the needs of our neighbour in tangible ways as a witness to Christ. As we say in the Samaritan’s Purse mission statement, we are: